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BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Simplify your life. 

October 17, 2011

Suggestions to simplify your llife.


October 8, 2011

Learn the causes of chapped lips from Dr. Oz.


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  About the Great Pumpkin.

October 3, 2011

  • Pumpkins were believed to help eliminate freckles.

  • Pumpkins were once used as a remedy for snakebites.

  • A number of facial and anti-wrinkle cremes include pumpkins.

  • Pumpkins have zero cholesterol, zero...

  • Pumpkins are low in salt, real low.

  • Pumpkins contain beta carotene which helps to reduce certain types of cancer and lowers the risk of heart disease.

  • Pumpkin seeds help to reduce the risk of prostrate cancer.

.......................................................................Please pass a pumpkin muffin.

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Dangers of Energy Drinks.

September 27, 2011

Before you have the next cocktail made from alcohol and an energy drink, think about this.


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  The how and why certain snack foods are better for you.

September 24, 2011

Chocolate  Research indicates that dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones.  Now that should get you reading more...

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  The science of Hydrotherapy. 

September 19, 2011

Learn about the emotional and physical benefits of various bath water temperatures.

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Purchasing Quality Essential Oils

September 1, 2011

To get the best quality essential oils...check out these guidelines for purchase and storage of your essential oils.


March 26, 2011

Unique, one of a kind.  Handcrafted products are made the by hand of an artisan, created "one by one".  Developed, designed and prepared by someone who enjoys the process and wants the result to be the best reflection of their abilities and talents.

Here are thoughts and reflections on the creative lifestyle from Kelly Thomas, an artisan in Tennessee, and a friend of Bathtanicals.   

My life has always been about choosing something unique.  What I do for a living, what I wear, who I married and what I purchase to use and to eat are all a part of the process of living.

I work as a fiber artist, a gallery assistant at Spirit of the Hand Gallery and as a maker of pastas with Kelly's Pasta.  I married a musician and blacksmith.  Living to me, is a creative journey.  Handmade objects, clothes, jewelry and pottery give you something to enjoy on a daily basis for years.

Recently, I joined the Farmers Market in Dandridge, TN and have found a whole new group of friends who are concerned with the environment and how they grow food for themselves and the public.  It has been refreshing to me (a 50 something) to see young farmers embracing the same lifestyles and values I hold dear.

The most interesting thing is the economic impact on a small community.  By just buying locally made products you bring $68.00 out of $100.00 back to your community.  In these difficult economic times we need to strengthen our communities any way we can.

Who knew that by making choices that make me happy I would actually be meeting new friends, buying lasting treasures and eating better.  As they say, it's all good!  Life is a creative journey.

-----Kelly Thomas, Maker of Kelly's Handmade Egg Pastas.  Sevierville, TN                                                

 Spirit of the Hand Gallery, (   Kelly's Pasta, (   Ken Thomas Artistic Blacksmith, (                                        


February 2, 2011

Beware!  Essential oil quality varies widely.  As consumers it's difficult to assess the quality of the botatanicals used, the manufacturing process and storage of the oils, or the integrity and practices of the suppliers, wholesalers and farmers.

Concentrated essential oils contain fragile aroma compounds from the leaves, stems, flowers and other parts of plants.  These oils carry an extensive range of health benefits, including physical, emotional and skin care benefits.

Perfumes or fragrances, on the other hand, are scents created from aroma compounds, chemicals, fixatives and solvents and contain only cosmetic properties.

The quality of essential oils is affected by the plants, pesticides, altitude, soil conditions, rainfall, plant variety and species.  In addition, packaging and handling affect chemical degradation as exposure to light, heat or oxygen can make changes to the chemistry of the oil. Even storage and shelf life impact oxidation.

Oils are extracted by distillation, expression or solvents.  Each process is important and each has its place depending on the application of the oil and the botanical used.

Distillation, by water or steam, converts the volatile liquid (essential oil) into a vapor and then condenses the vapor back into a liquid - this is the most popular and cost effective method in use today.

Expression, a cold press method, is mostly used in the extraction of citrus essential oils.  And with certain plants, solvents are required to coax the essential oils out of the botanical material.

Aromatherapy, the practice of using the natural plant essences to promote health and relieve depression, anxiety, reduce stress, relax, uplift, sedate or dependent on quality essential oils.  Today, there is a renewed surge of belief in the healing powers of essential oils to ease aches, pains and injuries within certain health practitioner communities.

Under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responsibility for regulating foods, additives, drugs, cosmetics and dietary supplements.  The legal difference between these categories is determined by the product's intended use.  If a company claimed that the aroma of an essential oil promoted attractiveness, the FDA would most likely regulate the product as a cosmetic.  If a company claimed that an essential oil was effective as an aid for quitting smoking or in treating a condition or disease, the FDA is more likely to regulate the product as a drug.

Over the years, Bathtanicals has developed good relationships with our suppliers and we are confident that our oils are the best choice for their application.  Throughout our manufacturing process we are cautious and watchful to monitor temperatures,control shelf life and storage practices to insure minimum, degradation.

Bathtanicals Bath Teas are a wonderful way to experience the power of both quality botanicals and essential oils.  Check out the benefits description Brew-A-Bath Teas.

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Exciting plans for 2011

January 3, 2011

Starting a new year and I'm opening a new book with 365 blank pages to fill.  Time to plan, schedule and contemplate the days ahead.

Because our clients want effective, affordable products created from natural ingredients, that are fun and easy to use in their busy lives, we continuously seek to gain more knowledge, to optimize and update products, and to listen to our customers needs.

Repeated customer inquiries for paraben-free products has focused Bathtanicals R & D on developing a paraben-free hydrating cream for those clients with allergies and sensitivities to the paraben family of chemicals.

Parabens are a class of chemicals currently used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry as preservatives.  In individuals with normal skin, parabens are, for the most part, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.  However, parabens can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis and rosacea in individuals with paraben allergies.

Bathtanicals is also exploring the properties of organic tamanu oil, a topical healing oil, beneficial in soothing many skin issues.  Tamanu's extraordinary skin healing, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties have been used to calm eczema, psoriasis, and to soothe angry and inflamed skin.  Tamanu oil fades stretch marks and also makes scars less pronounced.

Tanamu has been applied directly to skin, undiluted with no reports of adverse effects from the topical application.  We can't wait to incorporate it in our ESSENTIAL Moisturizing Lotion.

Finally!  We are poised to introduce our clear, natural, liquid soap formulation and will add it to our line during 2011.  Many past attempts at a liquid soap but unfortunately, "it ain't over until it's over".  And, "it ain't liquid soap until it's to our standard".  Doesn't rhyme, but that's our story and we're stickin' to it.

The fourth target is to explore everything we can about a chemical compound, identical to a natural compound found in the botanical extracts of the comfrey plant, Allantion.  Effective in the temporary protection of minor cuts, scrapes, burns and sunburn, Allantoin has proved to prevent and protect chafed, chapped, cracked, or wind burned skin and lips.  The FDA has approved Allantoin for non-prescription uses.  Allantoin is non-irritating and non-allergenic.

So, with anticipation and exhilaration, we look forward to accomplishing Bathtanicals exciting plans and goals and to continue assisting our customers in experiencing the Essence of Body Care. 



December 23, 2010

Warmest Christmas wishes to all our clients, vendors, business associates,  friends and followers.  Wishing all Peace, Happiness and the best in the year 2011.

Bathtanicals is thankful for the wonderful experiences, friends and clients we met in 2010.  See you in the New Year!


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS   Give the Gift of Relaxation

December 12, 2010

'Tis the give!

If you're like me, you may get  a little giddy this time of year picking out gifts for those you love and appreciate. 

Luckily, I'm in the right business.  I make and sell items at Bathtanicals that are meant for relaxation and taking good care of body and soul.  And, that happens to be what I most want to share: time-outs, peace, relaxation, and a smidgion of luxury.  For friends, family and business associates alike, I think about their busy, and often stressful and chaotic lives, and what I can give to encourage them to chill out and take a moment for themselves.

I lean toward lotion for my clients, suppliers, co-workers and other working friends and family.  Lotion takes up little space on a desk or in a work area, and it takes just a moment to rub a naturally scented, lovely, non-greasy piece of bliss into hardworking hands.  I like giving Almond Honey Hydrating Cream, because it smells nice, but does not have an overbearing, strong scent: both women and men like it.  I also enjoy giving ESSENTAL Skin Moisturizer, which is great for people with sensitive skin.

Now, for the extra special women in my life, like close friends or my daughters, I like to be more creative and honor them something really decadent and fun like a Bathtanicals' Happy Holiday Sundae Bath Blizzard in scents like Orange and Cinnamon or Lemon, Lime and Ginger Ale.  Or a pretty stack of all natural handmade soaps, neatly tied up as a Body Care Starter, so they can sample four Bathtanicals soaps packaged with a cool handmade, wooden soap dish.

Those are just some of my favorites.  As you think about how you want to appreciate those special people in your life be it your cleaning lady, child's teacher or your best friend   remember that one of the best gifts is encouragement and opportunity to relax!

P.S.  Bathtanicals is offering free shipping now through December 22nd on domestic retail orders, making it a little more affordable for you to give great time-outs!


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  To shower or to bathe: that is the question.

November 17, 2010

While Shakespeare's Hamlet pined whether "to be or not to be" - basically, whether, to live or to die - Bathtanicals, where relaxation and taking good care of oneself is at the heart of all we do, we have a much bigger question to ponder; to shower or bathe.

My answer always depends on the season.  Right now, we're about halfway between the autumnal equinox and winter solstice, with falling temperatures and less daylight.  This time of year, my body craves more baths.  Like many mammals, I have a natural tendency toward slowing down, or hibernating, in late fall - even at our home in the southerly state of Tennessee.  Soaking in the tub is part of that ritual.

Baths are one of the few things in life that really calm me down.  To encourage your bathing relaxation, Bathtanicals has dozens of products that will make you melt in the tub.  One of my favorites is Rescue Mineral Soak with all the healing properties of Dead Sea salts and Epsom salts, but with the additional mind - and body-soothing ingredients of peppermint, rosemary, tea tree and lavender essential oils.  When I really want to feel pampered and girlie, I pop in a Juicy Pear Sundae Bath Blizzard.  For folks that want to relax in the tub, but have limited mobility, we have three styles of back brushes and two different foot brushes that take the "ouch" out of reaching those hard-to-get-at spots.

But, alas, as spring will approach, I will want to shower more.  Maybe it's the expression "April Showers" or my body getting ready to pick up the pace.  Whatever the case, showers symbolize renewal to me.  In switching to showers, I feel like I'm coming alive, waking up, ready for the vernal equinox this time around.

My favorite shower product is the Berry Orange Skin Smoother Bath Bar, made with orange, cranberry and respberry for a real zing to the nose and the skin; it naturally exfoliates too, which is what your skin needs after a long, dry winter.  If you prefer to ease into you day with a shower, try our Almond Honey Silk Soap, part of the Body Care Starter kit, with a naturally sweet scent that makes the rest of your day just as sweet.

Whatever your pleasure, a bath or shower, tune in to what your body craves and then take the time you need to make it an enjoyable time out for you.


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Soothing advice for seasonal allergy and hay fever sufferers.

October 17, 2010

Hay Fever and seasonal allergies can make you miserable.  If you suffer from allergies, a runny nose, congestion, sneezing and itchy eyes, you know how these symptoms can affect your quality of life, whether working or playing.  And, unfortunately, along with feeling poorly, your appearance may also suffer: puffy eyes, a red nose or splotchy face are often the results of allergies.

While I'm not here to offer medical advice, I will recommend some skin and beauty tips that can minimize the uncomfortable effects of allergies.  I'm focusing on Bathtanicals products that have ingredients that help soothe and energize Hay Fever and seasonal allergy sufferers.

For your eyes... 

One of the best remedies for puffy or swollen eyes is placing steeped tea bags on the eyes for about five minutes.  If you can handle the tea bags being chilled or cooled a little first, that will provide a quicker, more effective relief.  But using warm bags is okay too (and is actually great for relieving dryness).  Bathtanicals EyeWaken is a specially formulated green tea blend made just for your eyes.  Chamomile tea also works well.  If your're out of tea, try cucumber slices or a wet, cold washcloth.  Other tricks: tap the swollen area lightly before laying down and drink lots of water after to flush out the area.

For your entire body...

Allergies can make our whole body feel exhausted.  Try soaking in a tub with Rescue Mineral Soak or MuscleMan Mineral Soak (available with Lavender and Rosemary-Mint Essential Oils), both of which have the healing properties of Magnesium from Epsom Salts.  Magnesium helps muscle and nerve functions and improves how you feel overall (soak for at least 12 minutes and preferably longer).  Rescue Mineral Soak also has Tea Tree Oil, which strengthens your body's immune system (already compromised when battling your allergies).  It can help with congestion and clear up mucus.  When you don't have time for a soak, lather up in the shower with the Glacier Ice Bath Bar, which also has Tea Tree Oil.

For your skin and overall well-being...

If you have skin allergies, or even if you just want to be kind to your skin while suffering from other allergies, try Caribbean Meltdown Body Butter with mango butter that heals skin rashes and sunburns and moisturizes dry skin.  Or try CoolDown gel with two helpful ingredients for those affected by allergies: Aloe Vera, known for soothing sensitive skin and speeding healing, and Witch Hazel which cleanses while hydrating.

Whatever pampering you decide on, stick to it until your allergies subside.  Self-care is more important than ever while your body and spirit cope with those none-to-pleasant allergy sysmptoms.. 


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Give me a "G" for Glycerin

September 14, 2010

I am a big believer of glycerin soaps, which are basically soaps containing glycerin, a component of natural fat or oil.  Glycerin soap is fabulous for the skin: it keeps skin soft and moist (by drawing moisture from the air and holding it to the skin), it's gentle and soothing for sensitive skin, wonderful for babys skin, and it can even provide relief for people with eczema or psoriasis.

Oddly enough, many commercial soaps don't have glycerin in them.  Oftentimes the glycerin is removed in the process of industrial soap making and then used in moisturizers.  It doesn't make much sense.  That's why, if you use a mass-produced regular bar of soap, your skin will feel clean, but taunt and dried out, afterwards.  Glycerin soap dissolves more easily in water, and sometimes leading, nationally advertised soap brands can leave a film on your skin.

Because glycerin is a natural by-product of the soap-making process, you can find glycerin soap with high concentrations of glycerin, like we make at Bathtanicals or glycerin soap containing very little glycerin.

Let's look at a common soap, Dial Gold, which has both soap and glycerin.  It also has some acids, fragrance, four tongue-twisting chemical ingredients, and, lastly, three color dyes.  Bathtanicals philosophy is to extract the rejuvenating components of effective, basic ingredients, protect them during the manufacturing process to create quality products for our clients.  No unnecessary fillers, additives or ingredients to "water down" the components.

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of glycerin soap, you can see why I'm an advocate. 
Be sure to use this knowledge to read soap labels carefully next time you shop...and give me a "G" for Glycerin!  

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS Special thank you to Photography by Debra

August 8, 2010 

Special thanks to Debra of Photography by Debra for creating our home and detail page promotional graphics for Bathtanicals Island Spirit Campaign!  Serving Michigan and beyond, Debra photographs weddings, portraits, charity and community events, and specializes in automotive photography.  Her creativity and expertise includes web design, and digital graphics.

"I don't just shoot photography, I create works of art and lasting memories of events."

Debra's work can be viewed on her site, or she can be reached at her studio, (248) 459-1225.  Thanks again, Debra!

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Let Your Face Shine with Exfoliation

June 16, 2010

Facial exfoliation, which removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, sounds more daunting that it is, but the benefits far outweigh the time it takes.  Exfoliation gives your face that sought-after "glow", reduces the appearance of wrinkles, makes skin smoother, and improves skin tone.  Experiencing even one of these visual improvements should be enough to keep you exfoliating on a weekly basis!

Aside from these benefits, exfoliating improves the physical condition of your skin too.  It gets skin cells to regenerate quicker, removes skin blockages, increases blood circulation, reduces breakouts, allows moisturizers to absorb into deeper skin layers, and removes toxins from your skin.

There are a few ways to exfoliate your skin: with chemicals, light abrasion or natural enzymes.  Chemical exfoliation, which uses alpha-hydroxy acids, should be done under the guidance of a dermatologist, even when using the mildest chemical peel.

Light abrasion, manually using a washcloth or soft brush on your face, is the simplest way to exfoliate.  You can also manually exfoliate using pastes made with oatmeal or fine grain rice powder.  This type of exfoliation is especially good for those with sensitive skin.

Natural enzymes dissolve dead skin cells without causing harsh affects to the skin.  Enzymes from papaya and pineapple are often used in exfoliation products like cleansers, masks or gels.

I like exfoliation scrubs, which combine enzymes with slightly grainy materials such as ground fruit seeds, nuts, sugar, salt or oatmeal.  They manually exfoliate the skin and also use natural fruits to stimulate a peel.  The more natural the product, the better stay clear of added dyes or scents.

Remember to moisturize generously after you've exfoliated, because exfoliation causes the skin to dry out.  Then, sit back and enjoy your luminous glow!

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  Chris' big "P", little "t" theory when going out in the sun

May 9, 2010

In these joyous days of spring, we begin to venerate the sun.  And, if you're like me, you can't wait for those first balmy days when you walk outside and feel the warmth of the sun absorbing into your face and arms.  It's such a soothing, lovely feeling.

Enjoy those brief moments now, because as the sun gets stronger and the days become longer, you need to start protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays.  Those rays emit UVA and UVB radiation.  Yep, that's right: radiation.  And that's why you can never be too careful with your skin when it comes to the sun.  I employ the big "P", little "t" theory when it comes to sun exposure.

The big "P" stands for protection.  That means avoiding sun exposure between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., when the sun's rays are strongest.  It means slathering up, literally, with sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher, to block UVA and UVB rays.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is not using enough sunscreen, so, slather away!  Protection also comes in the form of clothing and accessories.  That means wearing your dorkiest wide-brimmed hat!

The little "t" stands for treatment.  When you've overdone it with the sun, there is no quick fix, but you can experience some relief.  The best way to keep your skin cool and moist is with CoolDown, our cooling mint-aloe gel soother.  Try soaking in a cool tub filled with Rescue Mineral Soak or another all-natural bath product.  Then moisturize with Caribbean Meltdown Body Butter or another application of our mint-aloe gel soother, CoolDown.  Just avoid products with fragrances, dyes or other unnecessary additives that might further irritate tender skin.  Take a deep breath, give your skin a few days to heal, and then vow to avoid future burns with the big "P" agenda.  

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS  No scents?  No colorants?  No problem.

April 25, 2010

People who suffer with sensitive skin, skin allergies, fragrance allergies or even psoriasis and eczema need high quality products that soothe the skin, but are free of artificial scents, colors and other additives found in many off-the-shelf skin care products.

Many of us have used products that our "skin doesn't like".  I've used creams that have caused a mild burning sensation, lotions that left my skin red and bumpy, and bubble bath that made me break out in hives.  But for the most part, I am lucky to be able to use almost any product without irritation.

That said, I choose to use - and to make - skin care products that are derivatives of nature.  I believe that our skin prefers to soak up nourishing ingredients like Sweet Almond oil, Dead Sea salts loaded with minerals, and coconut and palm oils, rather that Red dye 33, mineral oil or stuff that I can't even pronounce, like methylisothiazolinone.

But for people who suffer from allergies, skin sensitivity or skin conditions using pure, gentle products is even more important.  In fact, regular use of good quality moisturizers can help to reduce the frequency of flare-ups for conditions like eczema.  At Bathtanicals, we offer a fragrance and color-free line of products called ESSENTIAL which recognizes the challenges of sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, and fragrance and dye allergies.  I welcome you to try one of our five ESSENTIAL products and see how it meets your special need for a mild, yet effective, product that is absent of irritants.  No scents?  No colorants?  No problem.


March 28, 2010

Sweet almond oil is a favorite ingredient in Bathtanicals all-natural products because it supplies so many nourishing and endearing benefits to the skin.  And honestly, I am not aware of one single negative property of this miracle oil.  Even folks with the most sensitive or troubled skin enjoy the perks of sweet almond oil.  It sooths and relieves irritated skin and reduces itching, making it good to counteract eczema and psoriasis - or simple relief for a bad sunburn, dry skin or chapped lips.  In its pure form or mixed with other natural ingredients, the oil is gentle enough to be used as a baby oil or eye makeup remover.

Sweet almond oil is packed with Vitamin E, one of those miracle vitamins that is constantly endorsed for both disease prevention and skin care.  Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant, meaning it protects the skin cells from some of the damaging substances found in our environment, including ultra-violet rays from the sun and air pollution.  It has anti-aging properties, keeps skin moist and - some claim - helps prevent age spots, soften stretch marks, and lighten dark circles under the eyes.

At Bathtanicals, we love sweet almond oil in our massage oils because it helps to reduce inflammation and is lightweight, feeling lovely on the skin.  We like it in our soap, because it leaves the skin soft,  And we love it in our creams and lotions becuase of all its amazing properties.  If you haven't noticed, we're nuts over sweet almond oil!

BATHTANIALS TIME-OUT TIPS Petro Anyone? The Controversy Continues

February 16, 2010

Three years ago, results of a study on cosmetic and skin care products revealed that almost one-quarter of all products contained a petroleum-based carcinogenic chemical: 1,4-dioxane. People were alarmed, especially since the chemical was found in over half the baby soaps on the market. I couldn't help but wonder (and panic) if I had used such products on my children, or if they are being used on my grandchildren today. The thought of it made my stomach turn. It also made me feel good about what we're doing at Bathtanicals: using plant-based - not petro-based - ingredients in our products.

Since that study came out, awareness about petroleum in skin and make-up products has risen. Yet petroleum-based ingredients and mineral oil-also a derivative of fossil fuel-are still used as basic ingredients in many cosmetic products today, like moisturizers, foundation and hair relaxers. Debate has surfaced about the harm of using such products on the skin. Some schools of thought say the skin is permeable to all chemicals. Other say the skin resists chemicals and acts as a natural barrier. Some argue that petroleum and mineral oil don't absorb into the skin, but serve as a protector.

As a skin care expert, it's hard to believe that harmful properties put onto the skin don't permeate at all. Even if it were true, the petro-based products still would not be healthy for the skin as they would block the pores.

Bottom line? Don't use petroleum-or mineral oil-based products on your skin. Why risk it if the research is not clear? Let's leave those products for use in anti-freeze, gasoline, Styrofoam (ug, well maybe not) and paint, and keep them away from our precious skin!

Interested in moving away from products that use chemicals? Check out the list of all-natural ingredients found in Bathtanicals hydrating creams, oils and bath products.

BATHTANICALS TIME TIME-OUT TIPS What's in your cosmetics and personal care products?

February 08, 2010

You, the average consumer, use 15 to 25 cosmetic and personal care products a day.  By the time you walk out of your bathroom in the morning you may have created an internal chemical cocktail that may be hazardous to your health.

Since skin is permeable, it absorbs substances both good and bad for you. Medicines, dyes, chemicals and preservatives can lodge in your skin and eventually accumulate and compromise your immune system. A weakened immune system cannot do its job of defending you against disease.

98 percent of more than 23,000 skin care and cosmetic products on the market contain one or more ingredients never evaluated for safety by the FDA, CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) or any other publicly accountable institution.

Natural cosmetics are cosmetics produced from things obtained from nature, either directly or as a derivative. Plants offer us innumerable products which are effective and can be wisely utilized for cosmetic and skin care use.

Natural cosmetics impart many harmless benefits for your skin. They contain time tested ingredients to produce not only the cosmetic effect you are looking for, but can aid in healing skin ailments and hair problems. Various parts of plants - the leaves, the bark, the roots, the oil extracted from the seeds - can all be used in natural skin care. Many fruits, milk, lemons, cream, yogurt and eggs also produce wonderful harmless results.

So, read labels. Be aware of what you are using on your skin. Products with a long list in ingredients are not always the best choice. Bathtanicals is careful and proactive in choosing ingredients and in not incorporating any ingredients not necessary for the integrity of the product. No fillers, excessive preservatives, harsh colorants or scents are used. Your skin is a canvas that others react to on initial contact.  Makeup cannot cover unattractive skin.


January 18, 2010

Have you ever looked at a map, pointed to a town and wondered what life is like there? Well I did just that and ended up in Perry, Georgia. Three days exploring, meeting Perry residents and just enjoying was a wonderful way to begin 2010.

Located off of I75, southeast of Atlanta, and north of Valdosta, Georgia, Perry is known as the "Crossroads of Georgia". 15 historic sq. miles, and populated by 10,000 proud and progressive citizens... the sort of city to raise your family, do business, and make lifelong friends.

First stop, the New Perry Hotel.  Nestled among the large magnolias, colorful camellia and azalea plants common to Southern gardens, this historic landmark serves guests with true Southern Hospitality. The original Perry Hotel, a large two story hotel was erected in 1870 to accommodate the stage coach line and the extension of the railroad into Perry. The current New Perry Hotel, was built on the site of the original hotel in 1925. It has been a favorite rest stop for travelers since the 1920's when U.S. Highway 41 was paved from Tennessee to Florida.

On entering, you view the splendid baby grand piano, the formal family dining room, the snug Tavery and suddenly recall the hazy nostalgia of bygone hotels. If you enjoy timeless architecture, elegant ambiance and legendary history this is the place to visit.  

The beginning of a new year is often celebrated with time-honored traditions. The symbolism of certain foods make them perfect for a New Year's Day meal. So when in Rome... we celebrated 2010 with a great meal in the Dining Room. Hoppin John (a concoction of tomato, black eyed peas, jalopenas and sausage) wasn't available but the restaurant served black eyed peas symbolizing coins, greens to remind us of green money. The corn in the cornbread is another symbol of our American heritage. It is said, enough corn for good health, enough oil to smooth out the rough places in life, an egg to remind us of the newness of life, and the buttermilk to remind us that the sour places in life make the good places all the more sweet. And topping off dinner was Sweet Tea, symbolic of southern roots!

If you enjoy timeless architecture, warm, friendly conversations, elegant ambiance and legendary history, my recommendation, visit Perry, Georgia.  


December 15, 2009

Sending all sincere good thoughts for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!

Chris and staff at Bathtanicals


Oct.11, 2009

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed it had healing properties and the 8th century king, Charlemagne, thought it was so beneficial that he ordered those he ruled to eat the stuff. So, it's not something new even thought it's advertised as the "new" wonder ingredient. It's flax seed. A nutty, crunchy taste makes it easy to include in today's foods.

Components of the flax plant are used in a variety of ways. The plants stems can be used to make linens and clothing. The seeds are edible and high in alpha-linolenic acids, which the body breaks down into two key omega-3-acids to keep blood thin and easily able to flow through the veins. Flax also lowers the level of triglycerides, to prevent clogged veins and minimized blood flow.

Scientific research shows there are additional reasons to include flax in your diet. Flax seed offers benefits that overshadow the benefits of fish oil because it is so rich in phytonutrients, fiber, protein, magnesium and the B vitamin, thiamin.

Studies have shown that mild menopausal symptoms can be decreased with the intake of 3 tablespoons of flax seeds a day. The flax seed fiber also makes a "significant impact" on preventing obesity, type 2-diabetes and heart disease.

Suggestions for incorporating flax seed into your diet include:

1. Substitute 3 tablespoons of ground flax seed for 1 tablespoon of butter, margarine, or oil. The calories will be about the same, but the saturated fats will be diminished.

2. Mix into mustard or mayo and use on a sandwich.

3. Mix into a breadcrumb mixture and use in meatballs, or as breading on chicken to add crunch.

4. Blend into fruit and yogurt smoothies to make the drink thicker and more nutritious.

5. Sprinkle on cooked vegetables to add a nutty flavor.

6. Flax seed is most economical when purchased in its whole seed form. A portion can be ground down and stored in the refrigerator and the remainder can be frozen for future use.


BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS Attention Fashionistas! 5 quick tips for Fall fashions.

Sept. 15, 2009

1. The fall 2009 color palette starts with a distinctive cobalt blue progressing to a deep turquoise. The blues will be everywhere. On dresses, purses, shoes, and belts. Additional colors include spicy chili pepper red, yellow with a slight mustard tinge, purple wine, dusky gray-violet and an earthy burnt orange.

2. Ruffles, pleats, lace-ups and ties embellish everything...tops, sweaters, dresses, shoes, shoes and more shoes and just about everything.

3. Zippers, buckles and studs decorate leather. Tons of belts: belts over everything. Thick belts loaded with buckles or skinny belts of patent leather.

4. Textures include geometric prints and flashy metallics in python or crocodile patterns on purses, belts and shoes. Quilting is in both as a quilted fabric or used for detailing. Some sequins and beading, too.  

5. Out with the skinny pants. Silhouette contrasts include wide legged, high waisted pants similar to sailor pants with body hugging tops. Contrast a feminine outfit with menswear-inspired shoes, pair stripes with plaid, big skirts with trim jackets or tops. Punch up neutral colors with yellow or orange.


There are some great sales out there, so...get going!



July 15, 2009

Submitted by HIKE Mallicote (, a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and Independent Associate of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

The information age gives great convenience and speed to everyday life, but Identity Theft is the down-side. Identity FRAUD arrived with the advent of numbers and codes being associated with our identity. Identity theft is a major crime with annual losses of $60 Billion to millions of U.S. citizens. It can be devastating to individuals, families, and even businesses.

It is a mistake to think that one can prevent ID Theft or secure one's identifying information. Sadly, our information is out of our control-we gave it to others. It's everywhere you ever schooled, worked, or applied for employment. It's in the hands of hospitals, doctors, dentists, creditors, insurers. (What if those institutions were burgled or hacked, or if an employee lost or stole information?) It's contained in public court records: every county in which you voted, bought real property, registered an auto, paid taxes, got a business or marriage license or divorce, paid a traffic fine, brought a small claim, or filed a will. It's everywhere you ever banked, used or applied for credit or a cell phone or gave a check. It's in your military records, with the SSA, and with the DMV. It's held by credit and insurance dossier compilers, not to mention in databases of all sorts world-wide. This is scary, folks. Considerable financial and legal difficulty may ensue should your information fall into the wrong hands! And, believe me, these thieves are creative in acquiring it.

NOW that it's out of your control, what can you do? How do you manage its use and safety? Are you informed of the state and Federal laws which protect your consumer rights? Do you regularly request and review your many files and reports (not just credit reports) as allowed by several Federal laws? Responsible vigilance is our best course of action.

NOTE: ID Theft insurance policies or riders commonly give a false sense of security. Regardless of wording, they CANNOT prevent ID Theft! Insurance is actually of little help in the worst cases because usually "what the bold print giveth, the fine print taketh away." If you have such insurance, carefully read the policy or have your lawyer review it. Don't be surprised by what it doesn't do to protect you.

To learn more, check out these sites:

Federal Trade Commission website:

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) website:

Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) website:


June 19, 2009

Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests high, daily exposure to bispherol A (BPA), a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, may raise heart and brain-disease and create diabetes risks. Some studies have tied BPA to prostate and breast cancer, obesity, altered immune function and poor sperm quality.

BPA is found in food containers, water bottles, and is also used as a liner in some cans. Although the FDA has not banned containers made with BPA, yet, you may want to take some preventive measures.

1. Instead of using canned soup or broth choose soup or broth in a carton.

2. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables are best, but rinsing canned versions does help remove BPA.

3. Do not use plastic bottles with the recycling label of #7. Instead get a stainless-steel bottle without a plastic liner.

4. Don't microwave food in plastic containers: rather use glass or ceramic containers.

5. Washing BPA plastic containers in the dishwasher with harsh detergents may break down the plastic more quickly.

6. Choose baby bottles and toys that are labeled "BPA-free" when shopping for children.

BATHTANICALS TIME-OUT TIPS Some have said, "Let them eat cake" we say...

June 5, 2009

...let them eat Chocolate! A friend of Bathtanicals, Edee Webb, told us about a healthy snack alternative she is sharing with the world. Chocolate! And, depending on the time of day you eat this chocolate, it can work for you as a...are you ready for this?...a weight loss tool!

The individually wrapped, single portion servings with their wonderful chocolate flavor are good for you, too. Each delicious piece is manufactured without white sugar or evaporated cane juice. Using Xylitol (diabetic friendly and antioxidant loaded) as a sweetner, it also is gluten free, lactose free, all natural, vegan friendly, kosher and contains organic cocoa beans and organic cocoa butter. Whew, I'm out of breath just from listing all those features. Antioxidant content is 3040 antioxidant points per piece-much more than blueberries. It is important to remember that antioxidents are important to protect our health at all stages of life.

Ms. Webb joins a phlethora of doctors, scientists, dentists, nutritonal coaches, personal trainers and chiropractors sharing information on what is called "Beyound A Chocolate Experience". Get more info on TRU Chocolate at or call Ms. Webb at (423) 748-2349. Give her a minute to answer the phone as she's probably eating chocolate.


May 12,2009

On occasion, we all need a serious Time-Out. From the tons of choices available, one option is an overnight or weekend jaunt. Putting yourself in a new place is a really effective way to break a pattern of worry or to get away from a stressful situation.

We discovered the power of taking a few day off to distance ourselves and get a mental and emotional break. Keeping tourist-busy, we saw new things, tried new foods and enjoyed a different pace of life on a recent visit to Savannah, Georgia. That Time-Out option did the trick!

Savannah is a beautiful city with soooo much history and beautiful architecture. The city accommodates and invites tourists with many options for activities. We took the trolley tour thru the city and thought we were lucky to have a bus driver who knew so much about Savannah and who loved the city so dearly. Then, on the return trip we found out it wasn't luck...all of the drivers were extremely knowledgeable and respectful of their beautiful city.

The oak trees: the spanish moss. The rich history of the city: the southern hospitality, good food and quaint restaurants we visited were terrific.

Everyone visiting Savannah must also visit Tybee Island. Spending time by the ocean...I'm sure it must be the negative ions from the ocean that are spiritually, so healing to me. Well, the negative ions and the delicious seafood! Restaurants with tables outdoors to people watch, interesting curio shops to buy nautical themed "stuff", spending time on the wharf...a wonderful prescription with an effective medication to "get away from it all".


April 10, 2009

Hemp oil. I know. I know. Every time I say hemp... well, I didn't inhale! Hemp oil is exceptional oil for balancing dry skin and fighting skin inflammations. It even helps heal skin lesions. Our current promotional package contains a Heather scented soap made from hemp oil.

Hemp seed oil, pressed from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa, has a chemical profile that so closely resembles the skins natural lipids it instantly counteracts effects of dehydration. The non-greasy emollient, is quickly absorbed into the skin to moisturize and condition, creating soft healthy skin. Yes, it is free of THC and, no, it won't show up in a blood test.

Hemp oil is a great organic sunblock. Since it doesn't block the absorption of Vitamin D like many sunblocks, it also stimulates cell repair. Choose a sunblock containing both hemp seed oil and a chemical sunblock ingredient to receive the benefits of the oil and additional UVA and UVB protection. Be watchful the sunblock you choose does not contain parabens as they can harm skin and are actually not needed for effective sunblock protection.

Nature has created a comprehensive and complete combination of fatty acids in hemp oil. It's ideal ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids perfectly match the needs of the human body. And hemp seed oil is the only oil containing both linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. Linoleic acid is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory for sun-damaged and aging skin. Bathtanicals has discovered so many benefits to skin care from hemp oil we are working on including it in other products.


March 17, 2009

Some quick pick-me- ups.

1. Hydrate with plain water. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel lethargic, as your body cannot function properly. Water supports healthy heart function resulting in additional oxygen to your blood stream. Water will even stop a headache caused by dehydration.

2. Take a Mini-walk. Walking outdoors is especially beneficial. Moving increases circulation and gets the blood flowing in your body to overcome drowsiness.

3. Use flowers, pictures or clothing to bring color into your vision. Color can greatly affect your mood and emotions. Red promotes alertness, vitality and boosts physical energy: Yellow increases alertness.

4. Scents affect our mood. Try eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint or lemon for a refreshing pick me up. Candles, an orange or lemon are easy and portable to use almost anywhere.

5. Exercise and stretches quickly revive drowsiness. Swing your arms, turn you neck or just wiggle your toes!


March 4, 2009

Halfway thru a hectic week and you dismally anticipate more of the same tomorrow. Translation: you need time to put two thoughts together. You need time for yourself. Save yourself! Relax and regroup with a Time-Out!

Step #1 Say it loud, say it clear. "I need a Time-Out". If you aren't firm, something or someone will steal your needed Time-Out.

Step #2 Time-Outs require a smidgen of preparation for perfect execution. Assemble everything you need. Soap, scrub, razor, deep conditioner, bath salts, towels, shampoo, moisturizer. A fragrant candle is a plus but not required. Get that deep conditioner in your hair so it can begin conditioning and get started.

Step #3 First, exfoliate with Bathtanicals SeaSpa Glycerin Salt Scrub or Iced Pineapple Glycerin Sugar Scrub. Choose, based on skin type...SeaSpa is formulated for oily skin and Iced Pineapple for dry skin. Exfoliate to remove dead cells and allow your moisturizer to better hydrate the newer, healthier cells, Avoid skin on the face. And lucky you, if you're using the Iced Pineapple. It's a perfect shaving solution for close shaves and leaves skin moisturized. Shaving with the salt based SeaSpa is not recommended. Ouch!

Now the ahhhh! part. If you are going for a tub bath you get to choose between Bathtanicals Jasmine Treasures , a dry mineral salt, foaming bath...your ticket to a tropical vacation...or Rescue, revitalizing bath salts. Do you want the ahhhhh! effect or the "put me in the game, coach" finish? If using the shower, sprinkle Rescue around the periphery of the shower floor and the steam will carry healing, essential oil vapors to your rescue.

Okay, everything is ready, step into the tub or shower and take a few minutes to enjoy the essential oils wafting up in the steam...close your eyes and relax. Use natural soap to moisturize with rich oils and botanicals...Bathtanicals Almond Honey bath bar is a great choice since honey in the soap acts as a humitecant on your skin. Shampoo, and you are well into a great Time-Out!

After tub or shower dry skin with a plush cotton towel , using a patting motion and moisturize with any of our sweet almond oil based Hydrating Creams . Applying moisturizing products while skin is damp seals moisture into the skin. And if dry skin on heels or elbows needs extra care, reach for Bathtanicals Caribbean MeltDown Body Butter. Mango butter based, this intense moisturizing treatment softens especially dry skin.

Step #4 The big finish. A plush, cozy robe, slippers, a glass of water to hydrate, a few more minutes of quiet time and voila! A new outlook.


February 5, 2009

Brooches are back, again. Thanks to First Lady, Michele Obama! Yes, those out-of-date, don't know how to wear this, my grandmoter wore one, broches are the hottest jewelry fashion trend. As they say in the business, new and fresh.

Michele Obama has brought this inexpensive, costume jewelry back in a trendy way. So if you saved an old brooch or if you have inherited one, or maybe just found it in the back of a jewelry drawer...maybe you have never worn is the time to find it, clean it, repair it and start wearing it.

Show your uniqueness with your fashion sense. Be trendy. Start experimenting and raise you fashion equity.

Brooches can be practical, as well as fashionable. The first Lady has used a brooch to hold clothing in place i.e. on the top button of a cardigan of a sweater set, leaving the other buttons open. Brooches can camoflage a too low neckline, add a sparkle of color and bring attention to the face.

In my never-ending quest to be "trendy and fashionable" I am on my way to incorporate another chic look into my formerly passe style sense. I am still trying to keep my 3-inch long chandelier earrings from getting tangled in my hair, scarf and winter jacket.


January 17, 2009

Wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009.

And, as we turn the page to 2009, Bathtanicals is proud to introduce two recently added affiliates, The Smoky Mountain Marketplace ( , then click on the Smoky Mountain Marketplace icon on the right side of the page, shopping, health) and Healing Spirits, Counseling and Holistic Center. Check out these informative and interesting sites.

Healing Spirits, ( ) a premier counseling and holistic center located in the majestic natural setting of Kingman, Arizona, is headed by Dr. Jessie Lopez, A.B.C.E.T.S. and his wife Letitia (Tish) Lopez, a certified Life Coach. The center's philosophy is to help clients overcome obstacles in life and to believe that nature has given them the strength to accomplish that. Small but capable: gentle, yet powerful. With the staff's guidance and support, clients empower themselves.

The Healing Spirits professional team guides clients to recognize their strengths, within a healing environment based on a relaxed, gentle approach. Their philosophy ...nothing greater than strength and nothing as strong as gentleness. Guidance to discover the strength that is in all of us, as nature has intended.

The Smoky Mountain Marketplace brings you the South's finest crafters, southern delicacies, artists and woodworkers. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, the marketplace posts a calendar of events, which includes festivals, Civil War Re-enactments, craft and music shows.

It is also a reliable site for information when traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains. The site includes current news from the area, travel information, lodging and restaurant suggestions. Sponsored by The Citizen Tribune , "the Newspaper of the Lakeway region of East Tennessee", the site represents the geographical area by highlighting the culture and people of the Appalachians.

And, while visiting the Smoky Mountain Marketplace and Healing Spirits, don't forget to check out their Bathtanicals store for special offers.


December 13, 2008


Wishing you Peace, Happiness and Joy this Christmas Season.



December 02, 2008

Online security is a hot topic in these days of virtual shopping carts and paperless financial transactions. It seems as though there are as many initials in web lingo as there are hackers waiting to steal your indentity. So how can you muddle through all of the technical jargon just to be sure that the credit card numbers you are entering are really protected online?

Luckily, the smart folks who designed the computer programs you're using have already anticipated that not every consumer is going to be a technical guru, and they have built in some pretty simple safeguards to protect you. For example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Netscape all exhibit a picture of a padlock on your browser screen to show when you are on a secure site. These same browsers also alert you when you are entering and leaving protected sites.

There are also third parties called Certificate Authorities, who are looking out for your security. These CA's, as they are known, check out online vendors to make sure that they are who they say they are. Once they've confirmed the server's identity, they issue a digital certificate of authenticity. The most common CA's are VeriSign and Thawte.

Your conputer is most likely also armed with the capability to utilize Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL for short. When your computer communicates with another server, the SSL reads the server's certificate of authenticity and also encrypts any data that is transported between the two of you. So, any eavesdroppers looking to capture sensitive data will be sorely disappointed.

In short, there are visual cues and hidden layers of security to ensure that your virtual shopping cart is as safe from thieves as the physical cart you use in regular stores. And, just in case you were provides the security of an SSL and does not store any credit card numbers on it's server. So you can be assured knowing that the shopping experience you have online with Bathtanicals will be just as pleasant as the products you receive!

A big thank you to John Beatrice, owner of Maine Webworks, who provided this article and shared this information with us.


November 11, 2008

6 online tips to protect yourself from identity theft and to keep your computer running optimally.

1. Don't assume your security software is protecting you. Security software is effective only when activated and frequently updated. There usually is an annual fee to activate or renew. Don't assume the software is enabled, you may need to call or email the security software company's support line to verify.

2. Don't access an account through an e-mail link. Financial accounts should not be accessed through an e-mail message. A criminal could use your account number, password or other information to steal your identity. If you suspect phishing, forward the email to or .

3. Don't use the same password for all online accounts. Many internet users use a single password for all their online accounts. A good password uses a combination of at least eight letters, numbers or punctuation symbols. A good policy is to use variation of the base password.

4. Don't download free software unless you are sure of the company you are dealing with . Spyware is often packaged with free software. The fish tank screen savers and smiley faces you download might slow your computer down to a crawl.

5. Don't assume your Mac shields you from all risks. The browser of choice for Mac users has no phishing protection. Find a browser with protection from phishing.

6. Don't click on a pop-up ad that says your PC is insecure. Avoid pop-ups altogether by enabling your browser's pop-up blocker. If you do get a pop-up, very carefully click on the X in the upper right hand corner. Often times when you click inside the ad, you can be transferred to a spyware site or have malware automatically downloaded onto your computer.


October 14, 2008

Take it off! Take it all off! I'm talking about exfolating your skin and revealing new, radiant, healthy skin.

There are many ways to cleanse the skin, to remove dirt and oils. But each skin type requires a customized approach. There isn't a "one size fits all" in caring for your skin. Mature skin, young skin, dark skin, light skin, problem skin, dry, oily or combination skin types react differently to the various acceptable methods of exfoliation.

Exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. Vigorous exfoliation can remove the barrier the skin needs for protection from the elements. Fat, stored between the cells makes the skin soft and supple and needs to be retained. Strong scrubbing can remove that element resulting in dry skin. Skin cleansing is a delicate balance between maintaining the skin's hygiene and leaving substances that are critical for the function of the skin.

New skin cells begin in the skin's lower layer, the dermis, and then migrate to the surface of the skin. In their journey, cells die, become more acidic, become saturated with keratin and become grey in appearance.

Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means. Soap, soap-free cleansers, chemicals, cleansing implements such as net sponges, woven pads or brushes, and scrubbing particulates are some of the methods used to exfoliate the skin.

Bathtanicals has developed three products using natural particulates to gently exfoliate skin...SeaSpa Body Scrub, Iced Pineapple Sugar Scrub-N-Shave, and Berry Orange Skin Smoother Bath Bar. Each product is developed for different skin types. SeaSpa Body Scrub contains salt to remove skin cells and is formulated for oily skin. Added glycerin in the scrub helps protect newly exfoliated skin. Iced Pineapple Sugar Scrub-N-Shave gently exfoliates dry and combination skin with sugar granules. In addition, it is a wonderful aid to getting a close shave. A weekly treatment with either product will keep skin radiant and soft.

For daily use, we recommennd Berry Orange Skin Smoother Bath Bar. Cranberry seeds, used to exfoliate are extremely gentle...their smooth, round surfaces do not irritate or cut skin. And, the bath bar has a wonderful scent of cranberries, oranges and raspberries.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Protect and maintain it.


September 9, 2008

We're getting close to a very important presidential election and it's encouraging to know a record number of citizens have registered to vote. Our democracy rests on all of our shoulders. The solemn responsibility and priviledge of keeping that democracy alive is rooted on deciding what is best for our country. We must consider our countries issues, comprehend what the canditates stand for and vote responsibly.

The person we elect to be President must be caring and compassionate for the people he leads more than for leading itself. He must be thoughtful and make decisions through crisis and criticisms and not be distracted or loose focus because of criticism. His decisions must be based on the wide perspective. Our leader needs a hopeful, positive attitude and have the courage to make difficult decisions. take a risk and not be a slave to public opinion. Finally, our leader must have personal integrity which will encourage trust from those whom he makes decisions for.

Think about it.

"Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don't vote."

William E. Simon


August 28, 2008

Olympics on the brain!

It matters not what goal you seek

Its secret here reposes;

You've got to dig from week to week

To get results or roses.

Edgar Guest

Watching the Olympic competition causes me to reflect on the true...pure, may be a better word...meaning of dedication and task-focusing. Create a goal and "focus on your potential instead of your limitations" as Alan Loy McGinnis has told us. Olympians begin an activity for a myriad of reasons. Health issues, emotional conditions, the rush of competition, or just the love of the activity.

After awhile, perfection of the sport takes on a new purpose and becomes the ultimate goal. And, in the process, physical and mental strength and stamina improve as the athlete actually becomes the physical personification of the sport. A boxer's body development differes from a diver's physique.

The process? Perfecting skills, gaining physical strength, honing mental toughness and developing spunk and spirit drive the Olympian to exceed his limitations.

In our lives we may select a goal or a direction may be chosen for us, for the day, for the week or for our life. Recognize the goal, Pick your battle and decide what is important to you. Map your destination. Then through focused efforts, and a series of accomplishments, you can put yourself on the winner's podium.


July 17, 2008

10 ways to survive summer bug bites, boo-boos, bruises and more.

1. Did you know that muscle soreness can be relieved with a simple and affordable Epsom Salt bath soak? Epsom salt eases stress, helps imporve sleep and flushes toxins from the body.

2. Did you know a drop of Lavender Essential Oil on a witch hazel saturated cotton ball will help heal a boo-boo?

3. Did you know that bruises can be healed with a mixture of Helichrysum Essential Oil in 1oz. of a carrier oil?

4. Did you know purchasing products with Essential oils can help survive summertime irritations? Tea Tree Essential Oil relieves itching from cuts and insect bites. Lavender Essential Oil helps calm insect bites and heals cuts. Citronella Essential Oil relieves fatigue, headache and repels insects. Ginger Essential Oil relieves aching muscles, nausea and aids digestion. Chamomile Essential Oil helps calm insect bites and heals cuts.

5. Did you know the best way to hydrate is with pure water? Pure water does not tax the kidneys, helps curb hunger, relieves leg cramps, gives us energy and clears the body of toxins.

6. Did you know we can maximize sunscreen benefits by using a "waterproof" of "water-resistant" sunscreen with both UBA and UVA protection?

7. Did you know a paste made with water and baking soda applied to bug bites, rashes and poison ivy helps relieve any discomnfort?

8. Did you know a foot bath of lemon juice and warm water refreshes feet, hot and tired from summer activity?

9. Did you know that 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in a basin of warm water restores the natural pH balance or acid mantle of you skin?

10. Did you know more useful tips are available on our "Did You Know?" page ?


June 24, 2008

I'M SPENDING TIME THIS SUMMER WITH A GOOD FRIEND who is dealing with a serious illness. We all get sick, whether we lose a day or two of work with full recovery or find we will be living with future limitations or actuallly facing a limited time left to live, accepting illness can be a daunting task. If the illness is truly something serious, we question, think, talk, read...and wander down a road searching for a destination.

"What illness can teach us about the meaning of life" is a short but substantive article written by Rev. Mary Kendrick Moore after experiencing serious illness. My hope in communicating the information is to share helpful and thought provoking ideas.

Acknowledge your weakness and vulnerability.

Everyone has experienced being ill...the flu, a cold, a serious infection, a cancer. When ill, we can't predict with certainty that we'll be healthy tomorrow because we are not in control of the situation. Living with unpredictability can open a door to reevaluating our relationship with our Spirituality.

Allow your God to accompany you through illness.

"Illness has a way of shaking our faith and rearranging our beliefs, calling us to strengthen our faith, and perhaps to abandon beliefs and practives that are not helpful to our healing."

Is illness your teacher or your friend?

Body, mind and spirit make one creative whole. When our body is ill, "we are called to wonder what illness might mean for our spirit".

Reflect on life's greater meaning.

"With illness, we are forced to confront whether our value lies in what we can do and accomplish, or simply in the fact that we are part of God's creation."

Allow illness to foster community.

When we are hurting, we isolate ourselves. Allowing a trusted friend to accompany us thru illness can make our spirituality come alive in the midst of difficulty. "Illness can reestablish broken relationships, open up conflict for healing, and dive deep into the compassion of those around us".

Rev. Moore concludes her thoughts on the lessons learned on the meaning of life after experiencing her illness, by advising we give ourselves permission to accept the feeling that aspects of illness are a curse and allow ourselves to find things we can be grateful for.

I hope sharing Rev. Moore's thoughts might help put illness in perspective for someone else's search.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Abbey Press Publications ( ). All rights reserved by the publisher.


June 6, 2008

WE'RE GOING BANANAS! Browsing thru a magazine while waiting for an appointment, I discovered some interesting facts about bananas. I now see bananas for what they really are. Not just a snack or as bananas foster in a posh restaurant but an important basic staple for much of the world's population. Their banana-bodaciousness consists of more than a high energy food that can combat iron deficiency. Bananas contain all 8 amino-acids our body cannot produce. They can battle stomach ulcers, relieve diarrhea and dysentery, control blood pressure and treat burns. Cosmetically bananas are even used to moisturize dry skin and create shiny hair!

How valuable are bananas? Until the early 1800's. Hawaiian women were not allowed to eat most banana varieties. The penalty for breaking the law was death. That's priceless.

The world's most widely used fruit, they are listed among the most extensively consumed foods in the world. Bananas are responsible for keeping millions of people alive. Geez, bananas never really struck me as that important when I see them in the market. Available fresh, year around and displayed in the produce section, they never draw attention to themselves, except for the color. Seen one, seen 'em all. The only thing that changes about the banana is the price.

Well, pardon my banana-info-deficiency. The Cavendish banana at the market, the most popular banana exported from the tropics, replaced the Gros Michel variety, which became commercially unavailable due to fungus. In the states since the 1950's the long shelf life of the Cavendish banana makes it so very popular.

Same old, same old doesn't really apply to bananas. They can be yellow, purple or red and can vary in taste from starchy to sweet, and in texture from firm to mushy.

Extremely versatile, they can be cooked, baked or eaten raw. You can drink banana beer, eat banana jam, use banana flour, or have a banana chip. Cultivated primarily for their fruit, they are used in the production of fiber and as ornamental plants, too. Banana fiber used for clothing and households dates back to at least the 13th century. Harvested leaves, shoots and trunks are processed into various degrees of coarseness or softness, suitable for everything from table cloths to high end rugs with a silk-like texture. Their fiber is even made into paper which is used for artistic and industrial purposes.

The skin and inner part can be eaten raw or cooked. Some Asian cultures cook and eat both the skin and the inside. Nutritionally, bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals, a great source of potassium and contain tryptophan, a natural relaxant. Enough of this banana-infomercial. The only thing left to do is offer you a deal. If you call within the next 10 minutes, we'll double your offer and include free shipping.

So, avoid "slipping" into any bad habits, eat a banana a day for your good health. Now that's an "apealing" Time-Out reminder!


May 16, 2008

BECAUSE BATHTANICALS IS CELEBRATING THEIR 20% OFF "Rub It In" promotion on massage oils, I recently spoke with masseuse Pamela Greene and masseur James Green, owners of Five Rivers Massage in Tennessee. Their knowledge, experience and skill have generated a satisfied and dedicated clientele over the years. Through massage, they have been part of the healing process in clients as young as 8 years old to a young 91 year old. The mantra at Five Rivers Massage is, "massage is the client's all-natural, non-toxic relief!" Pamela and James are a testimonial to all skilled massage therapists proving traveling to a large city or paying high resort and spa prices does not always result in an effective massage.

How to choose the best massage therapist for yourself? Good training, experience and skill are factors but people skills are just as important. How do you relate to each other? Does the therapist ask you questions and listen to your needs? Are you comfortable...with the setting? ...with the oil or lotion or scents used? ...with the pressure? ...with the results? Just like any other healing art, a client may try several therapists to make the right connection.

James, who completed his course requirements in Melbourne, Florida, points out that massage therapy certification is regulated by each state. Even after completing formal training, mandatory continuing education units are required every two years. Pamela completed her 500 hours of massage theory and practical application in Knoxville, Tennessee, studying the skeleton, skin, tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles of the body. Many schools require 50 one-hour sessions with volunteering friends and neighbors...complete with written critiques. Wish I had met them when they were in training!

Five Rivers Massage recommends starting out with the most popular massage, a Swedish massage. After experiencing a Swedish massage clients can then decide if the treatment is adequate for their needs or whether they should upgrade their session to a Deep Tissue or an Aromatherapy Massage. Consider chair massage, too. It relieves the circulatory problems associated with office work. Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a gentle respite for eyes usually glued to a computer monitor. Even 15 minutes of massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can increase circulation, return energy levels and help keep the body injury free.

At the initial visit a client fills out a medical questionnaire about injuries, illnesses and information relating to medical or chiropractic care. By indicating the goals for the massage an effective therapist is able to tailor each treatment to the clients best interest.

Five Rivers Massage clients arrive at the studio complaining of everything from headaches, fibromyalgia and sciatica, sore feet, back and shoulder pain and common stress and anxiety. Many come in with stiffness and leave finding they can move a joint better or have a wider range of motion. After treatment, clients leave feeling better AND feeling better about themselves.

You can visit James Greene and Pamela Greene at the Five Rivers Massage studio located at 5233 West AJ Highway, Morristown, Tennessee, or give them a call at (423)312-5688.


April 29, 2008

MAY 11th, MOTHERS DAY, IS A DAY we take to honor all mothers, and to pay tribute to their many contributions. Mom taught you to remember to say..."please", "thank you" and "excuse me". There were all of the "it won't hurt if I put a bandage on it", and don't forget all of the "I love you's"! Then there was the "it's better to give than to receive" lesson. Guess what? She was right! Although, I'm still not really convinced, she always reminded me that giving a gift is better than receiving one.

Motherhood had been recognized and celebrated as far back as Greek and Roman times. Today, Mothers Day is celebrated around the world, including the US, UK, India, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Canada, China, Japan and Belgium. Traditionally flowers, cards and small gifts are the way to thank Mom.

In the US, Julia Ward Howe first suggested Mothers Day in 1872. Her vision was to celebrate on June 2nd and dedicate the day to peace. The idea took hold in 1911 thru the efforts of Anna Jarvis who wanted to honor all mothers, living and dead, and pay tribute to the contributions made by them. The day was unofficially celebrated in almost every state in the Union until May 8th, 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mothers Day.

So, as Mom said, giving is a gift not only to others, but to ourselves because gifting strengthens the self-serving nature of giving. It reinforces our feelings for the gift recipient and helps us share thoughts of caring and effectiveness. And it is the most obvious way we can show interest, send a signal, or strengthen a connection with another person. Giving a gift shows someone that you thougtht of them and that they are important to you.

The practice of gifting is a complex part of human interaction and has been important throughout history. Psychologists, anthropologists, economists and marketers have studied it in the context of human behavior. Giving a gift has positive social imploications and stopping gift giving can actually break an important connection we have with someone.

The more we give, whether to charities, family or friends, the more we care about the person or cause to whom we are giving. Giving a gift strengthens our bonds and makes us feel good creating a serotonin-like reaction in the brain. It's invigorating, and the response from the receiver makes us feel loved in return. Taking care of another's needs helps us to feel affection from that person.

A simple gift or card hardly balances the awesome daily task of mothering so it is incredible how a child's handmade card, a bouquet of flowers, or a small gift can create such an affectionate thank you. By the way, if any of my children are reading this, a week in Hawaii would be appreciated, too.


April 2, 2008

TAKE FIVE! shares tons of tips to help you be more productive, focused and healthier during your work day. Working in an office cubicle setting or sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time? Take heed. Work life advice "to meet the needs of the overworked and overstressed who are limited on time and resources to get the exercise or mental break they need" is available. Does that pique your interest?

Some of the sites tips to reduce stress and help us be more productive at work include,

1. Wellness reaches all aspects of our lives. Relationships, finances, career, spirituality, intellectual and personal growth and obviously, physical health. Accumulated stress taxes the immune system resulting in unexpected health issues. Five minutes of stretching, bending, participating in the weekly desk yoga stretch video or just taking deep breaths can help you relieve stress and tension at your desk. Moving the body increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain which helps to improve your concentration.

2. Make sure your chair and computer are properly adjusted to minimize physical strain. Proper adjustment can avoid back pain, sore wrists, arms and shoulders and general tiredness. To avoid dry eyes caused by looking at a computer screen too long, use hydrating eye drops or simpy look at an object a distance away to exercise the eyes and get relief.

3. Avoid starting or getting embroiled in office politics, if possible. This activity depletes your energy and compromises your ability to focus on work. The result often only reflects poorly on you, creating more stress.

4. Eating healthy foods for breakfast and lunch will help you get a good start in the morning and help sustain energy in the afternoon: for detailed, focused work, eat dense food such as carrots, beans, fish and poultry. Short videos which change weekly, are available on the site, presented by various nutritionists.

5. Vary the manner you approach tasks to break-up routines. Break big projects into smaller segments. Instead of opening your email first, check your voice mail messages. Do a task that you most dislike first, instead of saving it for later.

"Recharge, regroup, refocus and relax" To learn more interesting and helpful information, take five and visit


March 1, 2008

For many of us, this time of year brings happy announcements of bridal engagements, weddings and all celebrations that accompany such good news. So in a party spirit, Bathtanicals is offering a line of customizable, bridal shower favors, handcrafted for the event.

We recently met two dynamic and savvy party planners, Nicole Gonzalez and Shannon Macklin, owners of Jax Party Planners, LLC of Jacksonville, Florida. They assured us that memorable, fun parties don't "just happen". They only look like they "just happened"! So, we wanted to know more.

With their event planning experience, Nicole suggests establishing a budget three to six months before the event. Once your budget is defined, select and secure the venue, menu and entertainment. There! Now you can concentrate on the fun stuff!

Themes add to the fun and actually make the planning easier and the celebration unique and notable! Consider the bride's personality and style. What about a Makeover Shower, a Bed and Breakfast Shower or a Recipe Sharing Shower? A Wine and Cheese Tasting Shower or a Ton of Sweets Shower...who won't be excited about that? Check out our "Cheers" and "Milk Chocolate Soap" favors. They compliment the themes and would be the perfect way to say thank you to your guests.

Invitations set the mood and heighten the anticipation of fun. Nicole and Shannon caution the most expensive invitation isn't always the best choice. Go for an invitation that best suits the party theme. There are lots of options for reasonably priced, themed, invitations on the web.

Color comnbination trends point to chocolate brown accented with tangerine, champagne or blue. Orange, contrasted with pink or yellow and the combination of plum, gold and green are current. Also, classic black and white is always appropriate.

From table centerpieces, to bridal bouquets, Shannon says classic roses, the Gerbera Daisy, Calla Lilly's and Carnations are the flowers of choice this year.

Both Nicole and Shannon call attention to the importance of thank you notes. Send acknowledgements as soon as possible after the shower and remember to reference the gift. Today, socially accepted thank you notes can be sent thru the web.

Party planners like Jax Party Planners (telephone 904 673-2557 or 904 386-2674) are a wonderful resource to make your party a success. Their experience enables a stress-free hostess to enjoy the occasion: their relationships with vendors help minimize problems and can hold down some costs. Best of all, professional event planners like Nicole and Shannon guide the planning, keep the timeline organized and on track to make your event a success.


February 5, 2008

The month of February has a character all its own.

We contend with long stretches of gray skies, too little time outdoors, bills from Christmas spending, and generally, a "blahs" syndrome. And then there are 2007 taxes to look forward to.

Take a deep breath, step back from the activity and take a tip from Emerson.

"Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can.

Tomorrow is a new day. Begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense.

This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations to waste a moment on the yesterdays."


So try to adjust and carry on!


January 3, 2008

2008! A new beginning! Looking back at 2007 resolutions, I'm ready to take advantage of the fresh start offered by a new year . After all, how many times do we get another chance?

365 days ago I did the usual...resolved to maintain good health, share quality time with family and friends, spend less money, and have more fun. Well thank goodness for second chances.

Long work hours, family matters and financial pressures push "me" time into the time-deficient folder. "Me" time is first on the chopping block even though the ability to carry out activities is based on a balanced "me". Protecting good health while maintaining a stressful pace requires rest and relaxation. Heard that a thousand times?

Okay, so how can I get "me" time when my to-do list always outlives my to-do time? Can't change the hours in a day...24 hours and then its tomorrow. Time to put the pedal to the metal and change attitudes, make choices, and choose to make things happen.

Take a vacation. Indulge in a power nap. Commit to journaling. Read a book. Do something, just for fun! Work on a puzzle. Visit a friend. Take a walk. Enjoy a long, hot bath. Get some sun.

A plethora of choices are available for "me" time. Some, too expensive: some don't accommodate my lifestyle: others just don't work for me. I should be able to find something in that list of suggestions that suits me. Options for "me" time are endless.

Think I'll work on that crossword puzzle for a few minutes. Is "grin" a 4 letter word for "happy"?

Bottom line seems to be the oldie but goodie, "stop and smell the roses".


December 5, 2007

Bathtanicals is very excited to introduce our revamped product line and updated web site to you. We have spent the last couple of months adding exciting products and giving our web site an extreme makeover! The site is now easier and faster to navigate. Our checkout process and shopping cart have been streamlined. Our goal... to create a user-friendly shopping experience for our customers.

We currently offer Free Shipping on orders over $70.00 through the U.S. Postal Service. Priority and Express Mail shipping is also available at current rates. To make shopping easier we now accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Check out our fabulous Promotions and our new linked ingredients page. We encourage you to browse Bathtanicals Time Out Tips and subscribe to our Newsletter for pre-sale information and new product introductions. And as a Newsletter subscriber, you will receive a complimentary Bathtanicals Goodie Bag with your first order.

Explore our Skin Care, Home Spa, Gift Ideas and Bath Accessories departments for great products. We have improved our Bathtanicals Gift Card option by extending the valid length to 2 years and recipients can now check their balances, on-line.

Our Time-Out Tip for the busy holiday season requires one 10 minute meeting with yourself, a calendar, a pencil and an eraser... just in case something changes. These 10 minutes can iron out the unexpected ruffles and flourishes that happen during busy times. Yes, planning motivates us, minimizes emergencies, and helps us make smarter decisions along the way.

1. Prioritize your tasks.
2. Create your "To Do" list.
3. Define time based goals.
4. Write them on you calendar.

Trust us, planning saves energy and time. It creates order. And don't forget to build in your personal Time Out. Don't make your retreat a "maybe" or a "if I have time tomorrow" because it won't happen.

We wish you a Stress-Free, Happy Holiday.

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